The Israel Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, established in 1951, directs its activities towards three main goals:

Advancing the professional activities in Israel in the scientific and technological aspects of aeronautics and astronautics.

Distributing information and knowledge in Israel in these fields.

Leading cooperative relations with international organizations in these fields.

In the framework of its drive to advance professional activities, the Society participates in organizing the annual conference on aerospace sciences, which usually takes place at the end of February. Additionally, the Society organizes all year long symposiums, lectures and professions tours to locations not accessible to the public.

To promote the distribution of aerospace information, the Society supports the publication of BIAF – Israel Aerospace Magazine, published quarterly since 1972 and edited by Yehuda Borovik. BIAF is published now as an electronic magazine, and is distributed to subscribers as a PDF file. Being the only professional aerospace publication in Israel, BIAF reports on local and international developments. BIAF is distributed to all Society members.

The Society sends its members regular e-mails, notifying on every aerospace event taking place in Israel, such as conferences, symposiums, lectures and exhibitions.

In the International domain, the Society represents the State of Israel in:

ICAS – International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences

The Society has regular representatives in this international organization,  assuring that Israeli members' voice will be heard regarding professional and organizational issues.


The society cooperates locally with the Technion and universities, and with other technological-scientific associations, and enables its members to participate in their activities.



The Society is managed by a seven members board, elected for a four year term. Current board members (2023) are:

Emanuel Blass - President & Treasurer

Yehuda Borovik – Secretary General

Israel Zeierman, Meir Feder, Ben Keshales, Gad Mayer, Ardon Gador – members.


Contact the Secretary General at: biaf@aerospace.org.il